Sunday, 29 June 2008

Web 2? Web 1? What does it mean?

Back in March (yeah, I know) I got invited to do a presentation to a group of high school technology students at Avondale College. So, I decided to talk to about Web 2.0 and why it matters, and what the big deal is anyway. Specifically what the differences between 1.0 and 2.0, and what it practically means for students, as well a company like Koordinates.

The slides are best when they go along with the talk, but hey :) I thought it went really well, and I got some really good questions.

I spend a few minutes afterwards talking more closely to one of the senior classes. The students were working on the process of technology development projects, and we talked about how we work at Koordinates. I was a little disappointed (but not surprised) that the waterfall model is the standard still being taught, and nobody knew what agile was. At Koordinates we do cycles of 1-2 weeks for decent sized work, and we're releasing code every day or two for bug fixes and minor tweaks. It is much easier for us to manage, design, code, test, and deploy many small changes than massive changes that affect everything. In fact, the more changes that stack up the itchier we get to push it out to production. To support all this we've built and tied together a bunch of tools so it is damn simple to push changes between the different environments in controlled ways.

The talk was part of FutureInTech, a programme run by the Institute of Professional Engineers, aiming to get students of all ages interested in science and technology as career options by involving young engineers. The regional facilitators do a really great job getting all sorts of people into schools to talk and work on projects. If you're interested in talking or getting someone into your school, get in touch.


Andy Rogers said...

good slide. I always get haunted by the name of rss feeds and web 3.0 :)
You put everything good upfront thanks for the work.


Lee said...

I agree that the slide was nice and I understand how important RSS feeds are because of the value they add to your website. I started using Rss feeds a few months back and my traffic and rankings improved greatly.


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